These are the products I currently recommend and a brief description for each…

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The Venus Factor is a comprehensive 12 Week diet and exercise protocol designed specifically for women and with the ideal female proportions in mind. The nutrition protocol is perfectly designed to protect women’s metabolic health while teaching the body to shed fat as quickly and efficiently as possible. Meanwhile, the workout protocol targets all the muscle groups needed for beautiful aesthetics AND terrific functional strength.

The Adonis Golden Ratio is the “Big Brother” of the Venus Factor products designed to enhance and improve the male physique.

Anabolic Again is an excellent workout program by Brad Pilon designed to reboot stagnant muscle growth. This program is best used by the advanced trainee. It is suitable for women to use as well with a few modifications.

Eat Stop Eat is nutrition and fitness expert Brad Pilon’s flagship masterpiece. It provides detailed information on the metabolic and hormonal benefits of fasting and how you can best incorporate fasting techniques into your diet and fitness routine, using it as a tool to help you lose fat or just maintain your already lean physique.

Flat Belly Forever is a corrective protocol researched and designed by Brad Pilon and John Barban to help you improve your digestive health and gut bacteria profile. This is a great program to pick up as a precursor to serious dieting efforts or after a transformation. Studies have shown that a healthy gut bacteria profile leads to significant metabolic and immune health improvements beneficial for efficient weight loss and maintenance.

The Anabolic Cookbook is a nice collection of simple, easy to prepare HIGH PROTEIN and low calorie dishes you can incorporate into your muscle building lifestyle!

Starve Mode by Leigh Peele is THE go-to resource on metabolic health and how to restore efficient metabolic function after impairment due to extreme dieting and/or chronic long term abuses. If you have ever wondered about “Starvation Mode” and how to tell if you have a damaged metabolism and what to do about it, this is the book you need to read. Extremely well researched by one of the leading experts in diet, fitness and metabolic health, this book is a must have in any comprehensive fitness library.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot also by Leigh Peele is the definitive guide on how to diet sensibly and intelligently. You can put the information in this book to work right away and incorporate it with any style of dieting you wish. Leigh Peele always “tells it like it is” and you can count on this resource for straight talk and no-nonsense information to help you through your fat loss process.