About Coach Lita

Who IS this “Coach Lita”?

My name is Lita and I am a fitness, fat loss and lifestyle coach and author. I have created this website and blog to help and encourage others. My main intention is to provide a content rich site for you to enjoy. Here I will post healthy lifestyle related articles, videos, recipes and anything else I think you might find useful or amusing.


My blog is a mixture of stories from my life, descriptions of activities I deem interesting (you might disagree), and fitness and lifestyle tips and advice. Sometimes I am irreverent. I am a strong believer in laughter and fun so don’t be surprised by anything you might read or encounter while browsing this website. I wish for this space and its contents to be as entertaining as it is informative.

Feel free to share anything I have written, but please be sure to give me credit for my work by including a link back to the source material. That is just good manners and it is all I will ever ask for.

Now, a bit about me and my background….

When I’m not just flat out giving unsolicited advice, I specialize in motivating and helping others find creative and sustainable solutions to their diet and fitness problems.

Currently, I am proud to be on the coaching staff for Adonis Lifestyle LLC’s Venus Factor weight loss and workout program. We provide premium individualized attention and customized programming to our clients who are trying to make a body composition transformation. I am also the Product Manager for Adonis LLC’s Flat Belly Forever corrective weight loss protocol.


My past obsessions have included track and field, swimming, sailing, weight lifting, mountain biking and endurance training. I live in Idaho where I enjoy trail running, mountain and rock climbing and resistance training with my favorite workout buddy who is also my husband. I have tried to interest our two cats in working out with us, but so far they are more interested in laziness. It’s disappointing.

In addition to my positions within Venus and Adonis, I am a busy career woman. I travel frequently for my full time work in the construction industry but I always try to find time to answer questions and provide encouragement in the Venus Index community and to interact with my many treasured clients and friends.